Welcome to Lush, a new concept of Urban Resort hosting. This digital concierge will help you make the most of all the services that are at your disposal and make your experience with us even more special. Browse the fields below and enjoy!

Funcionamento dos equipamentos das suítes

Entretenimento na suíte

Itens bar e cozinha

Itens de governança

Adaptador de tomada

Make sure it fits your mobile device. We are not responsible for the use of the same and nor possible damages generated.

Carregador de celular universal

Make sure it fits your mobile device. We are not responsible for the use of the same and nor possible damages generated.

Cardápio de travesseiros

See available options of extra pillow or pillow models, only for overnight and daily rentals.

Serviço de despertador

Wake up service, schedule any time you want our call staff to call the suite to wake you up.

Amenities extra

Should you require any extra ameneties, please contact the front desk.

Enxovais extras

Extra layouts available upon request and exchange of used dressers.

Kit higiene

We have available some additional hygiene items for sale such as (razor and absorbent) check availability and prices with our reception.

Política e regras gerais do Lush

• When entering the suite, we recommend checking that everything is correct. In case any aspect of the suite is not to your liking, please contact the reception immediately. Our staff will be happy to correct the flaw or transfer of suite if need be.

• Items missing in the suite or damaged will be charged at the exit according to the price table on the menu. We suggest that you notify the reception before leaving the suite in case of an accident and any item is broken or missing.

• In case of withdrawal, please note that we only need 10 minutes. After this period, the suite fee will be charged as normal.

• Check that you are carrying all your belongings when you leave. We are not responsible for items that are forgotten in our suites, but if our team finds anything, they will be kept in management for a period of 30 days.

• Attention to the end of your period. We charge additional hour according to the price table in the menu and the maximum tolerance is 10 minutes.

• The use of soap, shampoo, oils, bath salts and any cosmetic products in general inside the pool is prohibited. In case of “bad” use will be charged the additional fee of R$200.

• Avoid accidents, use the courtesy slipper and especially attention to the wet area, walk slowly and carefully. Do not carry glasses, cans, bottles or dishes into the pool, sauna, or whirlpool.

• Make conscious use of all equipment and water and have fun.

• Payment: We accept credit and debit card, Visa, Master, Amex, Dinners and Elo. We do not accept checks. For pedestrians we ask for payment during check-in. All the values ​​of our suites are for a couple, additional persons are charged an addition of 50% per person.

• Guests under 18 years old are not allowed to present an original document with photo at the time of check-in.

• Pets are not allowed.

Processos de lavanderia e limpeza


The Lush has its own laundry room, where all our bed and bath linen goes through a rigorous process of hygiene. We use bleach based on chlorine, which acts on the clothes as disinfectant and sterilizing agent, its action is still potentiated with high temperatures, so during the washing process we use water at approximately 50 ° C. All the trousseau is packed and sealed.


The entire process is controlled by our system, and each cleaning is recorded at the login of each maid. In addition our after-sanitized suites are inspected prior to being released to the location. Our entire governance team works 24 hours and regularly receives training.

Uso consciente de água

Lush already has some actions to help save water:

• All hydros have a sensor that automatically shuts off when it reaches the right level.

• We collect and treat rainwater to use Exclusively in the washing of the tracks, garages, garden and downloads.

• Our laundry has been renovated with new machines Which rely on low water use technology.

Faça sua parte dentro da suíte

Do not let shower and taps open, do not fill the hydro if not to use, do not use soap and other products inside the pool, do not open the packages of lay if not to use. Lush and the environment appreciate the help!